• Regarding The Full choir in general
  • "I was thrilled to join the choir – it is friendly yet has an air of professionalism."

    "For me the most enjoyable aspects of singing with the choir have changed over time. Initially it was challenging because I don't read music and hadn't sung for many years. At this point it was the choirmaster's enthusiasm and skill that kept me going. As I have gained in confidence and skill I find singing easier. Now one of the most enjoyable aspects is developing my skills so I can read music, manage more difficult pieces and sing with The After Nines. I also enjoy the social aspect of belonging to a choir and have got to know many people and made several good friends."

    "I like making improvements, be they small, but enjoy being challenged each term with a ?new set of pieces of different styles."

    "I think the choir is very well run, with clarity of communication, good programming, great teaching from Bernard, good fun with fellow singers, excellent supporting services and a great feel of everyone pulling together as a team. I started out thinking I would give it a try for a term and probably leave it at that, but you've drawn me in and I love it! Thank you!"